Ashutosh Naik


"Hello! I'm a second year Computer Science Master's candidate at CU Boulder. I've been working at The CAIRO Lab on ShelfHelp, a project that would enable the visually impaired to navigate independently in grocery stores.
I'm also a Teaching Assistant for the CSCI 2400 - Computer Systems course at CU Boulder. I like learning new things and building stuff."


Recommends movies based on user prompts. Built with SvelteKit, Tailwind, & Flask. Uses ChromaDB.

Anomaly Detection and Explanation

Measures significant changes in people's movement behavior. Built with Python. Uses GPT-4V Visual Language Model for explanation.


A smart assistive system for the visually impaired for independent grocery shopping. Built with Python & OpenCV. Uses YoloV5 and DINO for product detection and matching. Accepted at AAMAS 2023.


A short server-client tool to sync clipboard across devices. Built with Go. Uses Websockets, Redis & SQL.

Tow Mater

A 1/10th scale autonomous car that can navigate in corridors. Built with C++ & ROS.

Image Augmentation as a Service

A hack project to augment images using REST APIs. Built with Flask & OpenCV. Uses GCP and Docker for deployment.

Neuroevolution Snake

Trying out neuroevolution algorithms on the popular snake game. Built with Python & Pygame.

Sudoku Solver

Sudoku solver using backtracking algorithm. Extracts grid from an image. Built with Python & OpenCV.